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Static sine wave UPS for Interface Protection System CEI 0-21 standard



Interface protection systems



ARMS® technology

Wide input voltage range

On Line double conversion


Static sine wave UPS for Interface Protection System CEI 0-21 standard. The CEI 0-21 standard provides, for installations between 6 and 100 kW where an external interface protection is provided, an auxiliary power supply system capable of supporting the SPI device (external interface system), the DDI for at least 5 seconds. (remote control switch / switch between the public distribution network and the plant) and the eventual backup switch

(for powers> = 20 kW)


The UPDIN505 device is the product that guarantees the appropriate solution to what is required by the standard as it is a 9-module DIN rail UPS.


Maintaining the power supply for the time required by the standard is guaranteed by a completely static electronic circuit.

The accumulation of necessary energy is stored on board capacitors so the system does not include batteries and their subsequent replacement due to the exhaustion of the recharge cycles (usually one year).

After a discharge phase when power is restored, the device is ready for a new use in less than 15 seconds.

The voltage outputs for the services (SPI - DDI - BUFFER) are protected by an internal fuse and by a thermistor (PTC).

The device power supply is in turn protected by an externally accessible fuse.

The installation on board the alternating electrical panel is facilitated by the modular container and the small size.